Q: When is Celanese acquiring SO.F.TER. Group?
A: Celanese announced its intent to acquire SO.F.TER. Group on October 17, 2016. On December 1 2016, Celanese has completed the acquisition of the SO.F.TER. Group which is now known as Celanese SO.F.TER.


Q: Are you changing Product Brands / Manufacturing Sites?
A: At this time, the products you buy (their brands and specifications) and their respective manufacturing sites will remain the same for both Celanese and Celanese SO.F.TER. products.


Q: How does the Celanese SO.F.TER. name change Product Specifications / Regulatory Approvals?
A: It will not have an impact. As there is no change to the products we are producing and no change in where they are produced, we do not anticipate an issue. If you are unable to use our products due to a regulatory / specific issue, please contact your current customer service representative to resolve the issue.


Q: Where can I learn more about the products offered by Celanese SO.F.TER.?
A: We welcome the opportunity to share with you our diverse portfolio of solutions. Further information about Celanese SO.F.TER. range of Thermoplastic Elastomers and Engineering Plastics can be found on this website. Information about Celanese engineered materials products can be found at www.celanese.com. We are happy to assist you in answering questions you may have on product or end-use areas. For more information, please provide your contact information here and we will get back with you.



Q: With whom should I negotiate my prices and volumes?
A: There are no changes at this time so please discuss this with your existing Account Manager at Celanese or at the SO.F.TER Group. Continue to contact them using the same phone numbers and e-mail addresses until you are notified otherwise.


Q: Where should I place my orders?
A: Please continue to place your orders with your existing contacts within the SO.F.TER. Group or Celanese engineered materials until you are notified otherwise.


Q: Will SO.F.TER. Group (POs/Agreements/Contracts) remain in place?
A: Celanese’s (POs/Agreements/Contracts) and the (POs/Agreements/Contracts) assigned to Celanese by SO.F.TER. Group will be honored.


Q: How should I handle invoices or payments?
A: You will continue to receive invoices from the legal entity with which you placed your order. You should continue making invoice payments to the current bank/account number until notified otherwise.


Q: Who will provide information on my current deliveries?
A: Please continue utilizing you current customer service contact until notified otherwise.


Q: I am ordering materials from Celanese and Celanese SO.F.TER. Can I start combining my orders and submit them to one location?
A: For now we would ask you to continue to submit your orders through your existing contacts at both Celanese and Celanese SO.F.TER., until you are notified otherwise.

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