SO.F.TER. cooperates with the major car manufacturers and Tier1 in the development of materials and advanced systems for increasing the sustainability and energy efficiency of vehicles.

Special "Dashboard"

As a supplier of advanced polymeric systems, SO.F.TER. has created two innovative solutions for the production of dashboards and soft-trim panels for car interiors. SO.F.TER. supplies the material for both the rigid and soft parts in accordance with a “total dashboard” concept.

Dolphin. The Dolphin system is an extremely high level technological solution, created in cooperation with Engels and Georg Kaufmann, by which it is possible to mould the entire panel consisting of the rigid structural part and the upper soft-trim layer inside a single working cell. The rigid part is made of Reblend , a PC/ABS alloy having very high dimensional stability, while the soft skin is made of Pibiflex® (TPC-ET).

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Laprene S, TPE for soft skin with slush moulding technology: the new TPE for the production of soft skin with slush moulding technology, created in cooperation with Kraton Polymers, is fully recyclable and lighter than PVC and TPU. To produce the carrier (the rigid part) SO.F.TER. uses Polifor L20 GFT/30 H, a reinforced polypropylene having high dimensional stability for injection moulding. Together with Laprene S® it represents a formidable system and the only one on the market for the production of soft-trim panels for completely recyclable car interiors.

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Pibiflex ® (TPC-ET)

CVJ boots, pipes and air ducts, cables and clamps, tank (rotomoulding), base antenna, dashboard (Dolphin).

Forprene ® (TPV)

Under-the-hood: manifold and air ducts, gaiters for suspensions and gearboxes, cable guides and battery connectors.
Weatherstrips: door weatherstrips, glass encapsulation, window lickers.
Passenger compartment: air vents, buttons, mats, boots for gearshift and handbrake levers, door handles.
Shields and guards: fuel line covering, dampers guard, spoilers, side bumpers, bumpers and mudguards, components.

Laprene ® (SEBS)

Mats for glove compartment, soft-touch keypads and switches.

Polifor ® (PP) , Tecnoprene ® (PP/GF)

Bumpers, various passenger compartment components such as instrument panel, door panels, consoles and pillars. Flame retardant grades: cases and covers for electrical parts and electronic boards.

Pibiter ® (PBT) , Pibifor ® (PBT)

Car electric window switch, components of the electrical system, under-the-hood casings and covers.

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