Continuous Innovation

The SO.F.TER. Research Centre, which was inaugurated at the end of 2008, is the facility that fosters technological innovation in all the divisions and companies of the group by integrating knowledge about different polymers and investigating new materials and applications.

The activity of applied research is carried out in cooperation with clients with the aim of creating new technological partnerships and to develop timely and highly efficient solutions.

Great importance is then attached to basic research activities in cooperation with several universities through which SO.F.TER. gears



The SO.F.TER. Research Centre has an area of around 1,500 m2 and employs fifteen people i.e. researchers, laboratory analysts and employees.

It includes Laboratories dedicated to Quality Control, Research Laboratories and several Pilot Lines for the prototyping of new materials.


Equipment and tools

The SO.F.TER. Research Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and is therefore able to carry out the necessary analysis to design new materials and provide top class consulting and technical support services for the planning of new projects thus considerably reducing the time needed to develop and launch a new product.


Chemical-physical properties Abrasimeter
Volumetric Mass Balance IT Balance
Compression set
Water content (Karl Fisher)
Durometer (ShA)
Durometer (Rockwell hardness test)
FT-IR (Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectrometry)
Melt Flow Index
Muffle Furnace
Optical Microscope with electronic camera
Ball Indentation Hardness
Scratch Resistance test
Capillary Rheometer
Rheo Index
Spectrophotometer UV
Spectrophotometer for colorimetry
Tension Set
Mechanical properties Flex Test (De Mattia, Rossflex)
Dynamometer with climatic chamber
Impact Resistance Test (IZOD/CHARPY)
Thermal properties DSC Differential Scansion Calorimeter
HDT Heat Deflection Temperature
TGA Thermo Gravimetric Analysis
VICAT Softening Temperature
Electrical properties CTI Comparative Tracking Index
Surface Resistivity
Accelerated UV weathering Thermostatic ovens
UV-CON Accelerated UV weathering
Xenotest Alpha
Flame resistance G.W.T. Glow Wire Test
LOI Limited Oxigen Index
Needle Flame Test
Burning Test according to UL94
Prototyping equipment Banbury 6,6 litres
Calendering machine
Brabender 30 D Extruder
Twin screw extruder 25 D – 1.200 rpm
Flat die extruder
Double injection moulding machine
Bitumen modification tests Ring and ball test
Penetration at 25°C
Brookfield viscosity test
Ductility test
Tensile set
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