Production of automotive soft-touch interior trims in a single phase.
Injection moulding of the total structure in one moulding cell:
  1. Upper soft-touch layer in TPE-ET (Pibiflex®)
  2. Intermediate structural layer in TPE-ET (MuCell® foamed Pibiflex®)
  3. Rigid structural carrier in PC/ABS (Reblend®)

> Leaner logistic and production cycle
> Cost reduction
> Full recyclability of the item
Conventional process
  1. Injection moulding of the rigid carrier
  2. Slush skin rotational moulding
  3. Foaming of carrier and skin, obtaining a tri-material structure




The soft-touch layer is made with Pibiflex®, a thermoplastics polymer with high elastomeric properties composed by rigid crystalline segment and long soft chains. Pibiflex® is very well known in the automotive and industrial sectors for its specific properties such us high mechanical performance from -45 °C to 150 °C, UV resistance and high chemical resistance.

The Pibiflex® grade 3567 S used in the Dolphin technology guarantees:

  • Very high UV and scratch resistance combined with excellent haptic properties
  • Preservation of properties (haptic and softness) even at very low  temperatur
  • Excellent aesthetic properties in various colours
  • High chemical affinity with the gas used in the MuCell® foaming process
  • High chemical affinity with the structural carrier made in PC/ABS

Thanks to the high chemical affinity of the polymeric materials, the items manufactured with the Dolphin technology are 100% recyclable and fully compliant with EU Directive 2000/53/EC– ELV (End of Life Vehicles).


Pibiflex® 3567 S has been specifically formulated to pass all the main protocols in the automotive sector:


Material properties DBL 5562.50
Climate resistance test (alternating climates)                DBL 5471
Constant climate (dry hot) DBL 5471
Constant climate (wet hot) DBL 5471
Colour change after climate storage      DBL 5471
Solar simulation DBL 5471
Abrasion resistance DIN EN ISO 105-X12
Scratch resistance DBL 5471
Emission analysis VOC DBL 8585 – VDA 278
Emission analysis FOG DBL 8585 – VDA 278
Odour test DBL 5471 – VDA 270
Fogging test DBL 5471 – DIN 75 201



The rigid carrier is made with Reblend® (PC/ABS alloy). The specific grade developed for this application has good flowability and high dimensional stability. Its chemical affinity with Pibiflex® guarantees a perfect adhesion between rigid and soft part, as confirmed by specific tests.
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