SO.F.TER. complements its offer of polymeric products by providing a value-added engineering service which enables the client to shorten the time to market of their products.

Using computer aided engineering (CAE) software which provide extremely precise simulations of the moulding process, it is possible to determine the number and position of the injection points to ensure optimal flow of the material inside the mould and prevent deformation of the product. In addition, it is possible to simulate any other technological process such as co-injection, gas injection moulding, etc.


Structural simulation can be used to determine the behaviour of the product in its real operating conditions (statistical and dynamic analysis, vibrations etc.) anticipating problems and providing solutions even before the first prototype has been produced.


This service enables SO.F.TER. to provide its clients with an important instrument for curtailing the industrialisation time of the final product, at the same time optimising the results.


The tools that SO.F.TER. uses are among the most advanced in the CAE industry such as Autodesk Moldflow MFI and ANSYS, which thanks to their integration are able to assess the process of transformation and the influence that it has on the mechanical behavior of the moulded product.


Thanks to its highly qualified engineering sector, SO.F.TER. is one of the most important European partners for OEMs and Tier1. This service is also available as an external consultant to companies that require it.
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