Swimming fin made of forflex

Forflex ® (TPO)

Thermoplastic Olefin Compound
The Forflex® thermoplastic elastomer family consists of heterophased compounds based on an amorphous elastomeric phase and a crystalline phase, usually both polyolefin based.
This chemical composition confers elastic properties to finished products up to a temperature of 70 - 80 °C, while, at higher temperatures, it fluidifies the whole mass giving it typical plastomer-like rheological properties.
These compounds are usually classified as TPOs.
Forflex® thermoplastic elastomers feature:
  • Good weather resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Low density (from 0.89 g/cm3)
  • Excellent elastic properties at low temperatures
  • Excellent colorability
  • Adhesion on PP and polyolefin-based materials
  • Standard grades for injection molding and extrusion
  • Food-contact grades


Arch wheels, mudguards, mats.


Window gaskets co-extruded with soft TPEs.


Items for diving (flippers) and skiing (ski boots).

Forflex® is particularly suitable for co-moulding and co-extrusion with polypropylene (PP).
Forflex® can be transformed through the typical thermoplastics technologies such as injection-moulding and extrusion.
PLASTICIZING SCREW: polyolefins screws having L/D ratio >= 20 and compression ratio ranging from 2.5:1 to 3.5:1 are the most suitable
RUNNERS: it is advisable to use runners which are as short as possible, having a circular section and a gradually decreasing flow-through diameter
INJECTION POINTS: usually having circular section and diameter >= 0.7 mm
AIR VENTS: the mould should be provided with appropriate air vents (0.03 - 0.05 mm diameter) DRYING: usually not necessary

Hardness < 85 ShA: 1st Zone 160 °C | 2nd Zone 170 °C | 3rd Zone 180 °C | Nozzle 190 °C | Mould 20-40 °C
Hardness > 85 ShA: 1st Zone 170 °C | 2nd Zone 190 °C | 3rd Zone 200 °C | Nozzle 210 °C | Mould 20-40 °C
For extruding Forflex® thermoplastic elastomers common single screw extruders are normally used.
A slight stretching of the extruded article improves physical-mechanical properties and can be made by adjusting the draft speed.

PLASTICIZING SCREW: polyolefins screws having L/D ratio >= 20 and compression ratio 2,5:1 are the most suitable.
Find below an example of optimized operating conditions on a single screw extruder (diameter= 45 mm; L/D = 20 and R.C. = 2.7).

Hardness < 90 ShA: 1st Zone 160 °C | 2nd Zone 170 °C | 3rd Zone 190 °C | Head 170 °C
Hardness > 90 ShA: 1st Zone 180 °C | 2nd Zone 210 °C | 3rd Zone 220 °C | Head 210 °C
Forflex® is a fully recyclable material and it can be reused after regrinding. The user shall always verify that the compound obtained by mixing virgin and reground material is suitable for the specific application and that its properties meet the requirements.
This product should be stored in a covered facility and kept away from moisture and heat
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