Home Appliance

SO.F.TER. offers a package of highly reliable materials for the home electrical appliances sector.


Forprene ® (TPV)

Washing machines, clothes driers, dishwashers: anti-vibration feet and mounts, water supply hoses and drain manifolds, seals for filter housings, bushings for the drum shock absorbers, door seals.
Refrigerators: suspensions for compressors.

Laprene ® (SEBS)

Magnetic seals for refrigerators, handles for electrical tools, covers for remote controls and cellular phones, button panels, vacuum cleaner bumper guards.

Polifor ® (PP) , Tecnoprene ® (PP/GF) , Carboprene ® (PP/CA) , Talcoprene ® (PP/TALC)

In general: covers and containers for motors, electrical and electronic parts, aesthetic parts, control panels, detergent dispensers,
Washing machines: tank, detergent dispenser,
Dishwashers: spray arm, cutlery holder and various plastic supports,
Clothes driers: door parts, container and filter parts,
Refrigerators: structural components, drawers, shelves, external aesthetic trims.
Small household electrical appliances: outer covers
Extractor fans: containers for rotating metallic and/or electrical parts.

Nylfor A ® (PA6.6) , Nylfor B ® (PA6) , Nivionplast A ® (PA6.6) , Nivionplast B ® (PA6)

External covers, containers for metallic and/or electrical parts, structural parts, motor bodies and pulleys.

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