Lightweight Engineering Plastics

LITEPOL® is a new family of extra light engineering plastics based on Polypropylene or Polyamide and filled with Hollow Glass Microspheres.


LITEPOL® compounds are suitable for all those applications in which weight reduction is the primary objective: for this reason they are particularly aimed at the automotive industry which is subject to strict regulations and targets in terms of reducing emissions.



The following charts show the density /tensile modulus ratio of different mineral fillers at different percentage (variations vs unfilled grades).

Litepol data on density/modulus


LITEPOL® filled with Hollow Glass Microspheres only, provides a weight reduction ranging from 9% to 30% and improvement of stiffness (tensile modulus) from 13% to 79% depending on the polymer base and on the percentage of microspheres used in the compound.

LITEPOL® mixed grades HB+10%GF provide an excellent density/stiffness ratio: weight reduction ranges from 3% to 19% with improvement of the tensile modulus values from 60% to 179%.



For applications requiring both lightweight and impact resistance, LITEPOL® mixed grades filled with Hollow Microspheres and chemically bonded Glass Fiber are the most suitable, as they provide a weight reduction ranging from 3% to 19% and improved impact values from +20% to +218%, depending on the base polymer and on the percentage of filler used in the compound.


Litepol: impact resistance



Mixed HB/GF LITEPOL® grades show excellent low density and mechanical performance compared to talc filled grades.


Density and mechanical performance for Litepol hybrid GF/HB grades

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