Forlì, 9 July 2016

The Polifor NF product line, based on polypropylene reinforced with natural fibers, offers sustainability, lightness and improved performance for a wide range of industries, from automotive to design.

Polifor NF products are based on polypropylene reinforced with various vegetable fillers derived from renewable sources. Born to meet the market’s demand for sustainability, they proved to be highly versatile and possess very interesting technical characteristics: they offer the same rigidity as polypropylene compounds with the same percentage of talc, but are much lighter because of lower density (-8%), provide better resistance to high temperatures (+ 17%) and offer a significantly higher level of resistance to impacts  (up to + 67% in the notched IZOD test).

These qualities make the NF composites  very attractive to the automotive industry: possible applications include interior and exterior parts, both structural and aesthetic, such as the cowl vent grille, internal consoles and pillars, structural dashboard carrier and various parts of the luggage compartment. The Polifor NF composites can withstand operating temperatures up to 110-120 °C and therefore can also be used for under-the-hood applications such as the air filter box.

The excellent impact resistance of Polifor NF products makes them suitable also for the production of external casings, even aesthetic, or for covers and protective housings of technical parts. More applications in the field of furniture and design are under development.

The vegetable fillers used by SO.F.TER. come from FSC or PEFC certified cultivation, which adopt  responsible management systems which have no negative impact on the environment,  territory and local communities.

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