Polifor: polypropylene compounds

Polifor ® (PP)

Polypropylene Compound

Polifor® is the trade name of a wide range of polypropylene-based compounds (PP)manufactured and marketed by SO.F.TER.
The Polifor® range includes both polypropylene homopolymer and copolymer compounds variously modified, filled, reinforced, flame-retarded, enriched with additives and coloured for the automotive, household appliances, interior design, illumination design, building and leisure industries. Polypropylene compounds are the ideal solution for a wide number of applications requiring a good cost/performance ratio.

SO.F.TER. range counts over 6,000 formulations developed through ten-year R&D activity based on close cooperation with customers, which today allows the company to successfully meet the major challenges in different application fields.
All materials comply with the RoHS norm requirements.

Polypropylene is the third most-widely used thermoplastic polymer at a global level. The main features which have determined its past and present success are:
  • High stiffness and abrasion resistance
  • Low specific gravity
  • High impact and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents
  • Low hygroscopic sensitivity
  • Easy processability
  • The possibility to modify its features through a wide range of fillers, reinforcing agents and additives.
The natural disadvantages of polypropylene, such as post-moulding shrinkage and low resistance to weathering or flames, can be easily overcome by using mineral fillers, glass fibres, thermostabilizing additives which can significantly improve its resistance to the UV-rays, fire and the most aggressive lyes.


  • Bumpers, dashboards, passenger compartment and door trims.


  • Outer casings of small household appliances, washing machine tub, refrigeratori trays and shelves, housings for cooker hoods.


  • Plates for electrical switches, engine cover plates, electrical condenser housings.


  • Chairs and seats, decorative objects, small tables and containers.
Polifor® can be co-moulded with the following elastomeric compounds of SO.F.TER. product range: Forprene® (TPV), Laprene® (SEBS), Sofprene® (SBS).
The Polifor® range includes mainly injection moulding grades. A few extrusion grades are also available.

1st Zone 190-210°C | 2nd Zone 200-220°C | 3rd Zone 210-230°C | Nozzle 210-230°C | Mould 50-70°C
1st Zone 180-200°C | 2nd Zone 190-210°C | 3rd Zone 200-220°C | Nozzle 200-220°C | Mould 30-50°C
1st Zone 200-220°C | 2nd Zone 230-250°C | 3rd Zone 220-240°C | Nozzle 220-240°C | Mould 50-70°C
1st Zone 180-200°C | 2nd Zone 190-210°C | 3rd Zone 200-220°C | Nozzle 200-220°C | Mould 30-50°C
Polifor® is a fully recyclable material and it can be reused after regrinding. The user shall always carry out his own tests and analyses in order to verify that the compound obtained by mixing virgin and reground granules is suitable for the specific application and that its properties meets the requirements
This product should be stored in a covered facility and kept away from moisture and heat
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