Forlì and Rotterdam, 27 January 2016

The agreement widens and completes the partnership between the two companies that have been collaborating for many years in the field of Thermoplastic Elastomers.

SO.F.TER. and IMCD announce the extension of the distribution agreement for Benelux which, starting from 2016, will also include the range of Engineering Plastics. This agreement is the natural completion of a long strategic partnership between the two companies that have been collaborating successfully since the 90s for the distribution in Benelux of the TPE products made by SO.F.TER. GROUP.

«The agreement, based on mutual appreciation and professional trust, fits perfectly into the business strategy of SO.F.TER. that, by unifying the distribution of Engineering Plastics and Thermoplastic Elastomers, aims at offering customers a set of complementary and scalable products. They will also benefit from purchasing economies and production synergies for applications that involve the use of rigid and soft materials» said Riccardo Meucci, Global Commercial Director of SO.F.TER. GROUP.

"SO.F.TER.’s product portfolio is really comprehensive: in addition to TPEs and TPVs, it also includes the Thermoplastic Copolyester for high-wear applications and a wide range of Polypropylene and Polyamide compounds with high mechanical and thermal properties," added Johan Scholten, Business Group Director Plastics of IMCD. "We also have the possibility to customize the materials according to customer’s requirements. All this will allow us to develop a very strong commercial proposition both in terms of products and service," concluded Johan Scholten.

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