Forlì, Italy, 26 January 2014

For the second consecutive year SO.F.TER. has been awarded the prestigious “Supplier of the year” award from ContiTech Vibration Control, a division of Continental Automotive Group. This award acknowledges the quality of Pibiflex®, the thermoplastic copolyester used by ContiTech for the manufacture of protective boots for Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ boots).

Constant Velocity Joints are basic components of the car transmission system as they transmit movement from the driveshaft to the wheels. CVJ boots operate in heavy-duty conditions and withstand torsion, bending and stretching which produce high stress levels. Furthermore, they must be able to withstand contact with substances such as water, dust, salt and prolonged chemical aggression caused by the greases used to lubricate the joints.

Pibiflex® thermoplastic copolyester combines all the properties needed to ensure high performance, safety and duration of the boots in a single product; in addition to its excellent last properties and mechanical strength, it has an excellent thermal performance that enables optimal operation at high and low temperatures.


Available in the blow moulding and injection moulding versions, Pibiflex® is easy to transform and allows great freedom in design.
SO.F.TER. is proud to cooperate with Continental in the achievement of its strategic goals, aimed at improving the road safety and environmental sustainability, with reliable and efficient products.

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