Talc filled Polypropylene

Talcoprene ® (PP/TALC)

Talc filled Polypropylene
Talcoprene® represents a family of Polipropylene Homopolymer and Copolymer filled with Talc.
These products have been developed for technical applications operating at different thermal conditions. These materials are characterized by high dimensional stability together with good aesthetical and mechanical properties.
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good aesthetical properties
  • Good mechanical properties
Talcoprene® can be co-moulded with the following elastomeric compounds of SO.F.TER. product range: Forprene® (TPV), Laprene® (SEBS), Sofprene® (SBS).
The Talcoprene® range includes exclusively grades for injection moulding.
Talcoprene® is a fully recyclable material and it can be reused after regrinding. The user shall always carry out his own tests and analyses in order to verify that the compound obtained by mixing virgin and reground granules is suitable for the specific application and that its properties meets the requirements.
This product should be stored in a covered facility and kept away from moisture and heat
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